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Extremely useful barrel dolly.  (Barrel not included)
Barrel Washer and Stand Plan 

Here is an effective and low cost version of a barrel washer, perfect for the garage winemaker.Works on standard household water pressure. To use, put your barrel on the stand, and roll it to access the bunghole. Place the spray head inside the barrel and secure with cord wrapped around the barrel. Connect the garden hose and rotate the barrel so the bunghole is down. Rotate so the hose is wrapped over the barrel, to reduce strain on the PVC assembly. Position the barrel with the bunghole down, and turn on the water. 

For a diagram on the construction of the stand, email me and I'll email it to you.
Wine Barrel Dolly 

For most Garage Winemakers workspace is at a premium. Our solution is the Barrel Dolly, a single barrel rack with heavy duty, 3-inch casters. You can easily move the barrel where you want it, in an open area to work on your wine, or out of the way. Our wooden barrel dolly is both functional and beautifully crafted. We use thick multi-layer plywood on the end pieces for strength, finger jointed to Douglas Fir rails. The Barrel Dolly is finished with a coating of mineral oil, providing a non-toxic and odorless finish. 

Please note: this barrel dolly is intended for use only on flat surfaces. Do not use on any inclined surface as the Barrel Dolly does not have brakes and may roll out of control.  

We've discontinued the barrel dollies to concentrate on our wine business. If you would like to make your own, for $10 we'll email you a drawing and parts list. Please email me if you're interested.
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